Attention New Internet Business Owners or “Newbies”


Why Spend the Next Several Weeks and Even Months Trying to Figure Out All of the Steps It Takes to Earn Piles of Cash Online – When You Can Watch an Expert Show You Exactly How to Take Action and Get Your Business Up and Running Smoothly in No Time?



Thursday, 9:25 a.m.

From the desk of: Cody Moya



Dear friend,



If you are tired of trying to figure out on your own through basic trial and error what steps you should take to automate your business and make it profitable …


If you are at all frustrated with Internet “Gurus” and marketing manuals that teach you WHAT to do instead of showing you HOW to do it …


… then this is the most important letter you will read today!


Here’s why:


I’m about to reveal how you can get the expert, step-by-step guidance you need to succeed on the Internet today – via video so that you can see how to do something and not just learn what to do!


Viewing these amazing video clips will drastically cut your learning curve and allow you to get your cash-producing Internet business up and running faster and easier than you ever thought possible!



Introducing Cody Moya’s Video Tutorial Program

for New Internet Business Owners!



Hello, my name is Cody Moya and I’m not one of those big time gurus that you will find selling their products all over the Internet and on late-night TV.


In truth, I am an immigrant who moved to the United States in the summer of 2003 with very limited English skills. In fact, my English was so bad then that I couldn’t even answer the phone! (Note: I’ve made sure that all my video tutorials are narrated by a native English speaker to ensure your understand every important word spoken on them!)


As you can probably imagine, it can be very hard to find a good job in the US when you speak English very poorly. After many months of looking for a good job, I started to believe that I would never find one and I became very depressed – so depressed that I almost decided to give up on my “American Dream” and return to my old country.


As I was debating whether to give up or not, I also realized that the Internet could offer me an opportunity to earn the income of my dreams and nobody would have to listen to my terrible accent or call me on the phone – I could handle everything via email!


I decided to give the Internet a shot, and boy did it pay off. Today, I own a variety of successful Internet businesses that produce over five figures a month in income and I’ve become the person that people turn to when they want the truth about what really works and what doesn't work when it comes to capitalizing on the power of the Internet.




Let Me Just Pause Here to Say …


There truly has never been a better time in history to have an Internet business and here are just a few reasons why I say this:


  • Forrester Research has predicted that online retailing will exceed $229 billion in 2008 and account for 10% of all retail sales!


  • According to IDC, nearly one billion people, or about 15% of the world's population, will use the Internet this year.


  • There are numerous ways to attract hundreds or thousands of potential customers to your Internet business – for free!




I Know What You Are Thinking:


If the Internet Has the Potential to be So Profitable,

Why Do So Many Internet Businesses Fail?



The simple truth is most “newbies” struggle with the technical steps they need take and accomplish to get their businesses up and running smoothly and profitably.


Over the course of my career, I’ve realized that most “newbies” have no idea how to accomplish the technical steps necessary to run a profitable online business.


You may or may not be surprised to learn that by far the most common type of questions I receive are technical questions from “newbies.” I dare you to go to any message board that’s related to new Internet business and not find tons and tons of technical questions.


In despair, most “newbies” end up turning to Internet “Gurus” who tell them how to do something in writing but don’t show them how to do it – dooming most “newbies” to failure.




You Need to Hear & See How to Do Things!



I’m fed up with seeing nice, regular individuals like you not get simple but essential business-building advice and information in a format they can use.


That’s why I’ve created my Internet Business Training Videos. Now you can the expert guidance you need to get your business up and running smoothly in no time – in a format that makes learning fun and easy.


I’ve created 47 videos – that’s over 420 minutes of video – covering everything you need to know to succeed in today’s competitive Internet marketplace.


Here’s a list of the important subjects my video tutorials cover:


  • How to choose a good domain name
  • How to register a domain name
  • What the heck is 'DNS' and how to set it up
  • How to choose a web host provider
  • How to set up a pop email account
  • How to configure your pop email account in Outlook Express
  • How to set up your signature in Outlook Express
  • How to open and download zip and pdf files, and how to zip your own files with Winzip
  • How to use FTP to upload files from your computer to your web host provider’s server
  • How to set up an account with ClickBank
  • How to set up a sales page and thank you page for product with resell rights using ClickBank
  • How to set up thank you page and order link with ClickBank
  • How to set up a thank you page and order link with PayPal
  • How to install envtest to get proper paths to perl on your server
  • How to start an ezine and install a perl mailing list program
  • How to format and deliver your ezine
  • What is HTML and how it works
  • Beginners HTML and how to center text, create breaks and paragraphs, etc.
  • More HTML and how to make changes to your text
  • More beginners HTML and how to add images
  • How to make links and link images in HTML
  • How to create tables, rows and columns in HTML
  • How to use HTML templates quickly and easily
  • How to use good keywords for keyword research
  • How to create the title tag and meta tags for your website
  • How to optimize your website for search engines - keyword density and content
  • How to write ad copy
  • Importance of testing your copy
  • How to submit your site to the search engines
  • How to get a free ad tracking and split testing program and how to install it
  • How to use your ad tracking and split testing program
  • How to create classified ads
  • How to increase your rankings by building your link popularity
  • How to create your first ebook
  • How to compile your ebook in EXE format
  • How to compile your ebook in PDF format
  • How to make your EXE ebook brandable
  • How to make your PDF ebook brandable
  • How to run your affiliate program with ClickBank
  • How to install a customer support desk
  • How to use your customer support desk
  • How to create a password protected area of your site
  • How to add forms to your site for easy feedback from your visitors
  • How to install a free blog program
  • How to use your blog
  • How to promote affiliate programs
  • How to create redirects for your affiliate links to shorten them
  • How to install a shopping cart, affiliate and ad tracking system all in one
  • Beginner RSS Feeds
  • And much, much more!

Click here to see full list with screenshots


And don’t forget, all of the video tutorials are narrated by a native English speaker to ensure your understand every important word spoken on them!



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This is Your Best Chance to Gain the Technical

Know-How You Need to Send Your

Cash Profits Skyrocketing!



My Video Tutorial Program for Newbies contains the exact, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions you need to know to establish and begin running your own profitable online business!


In these tutorials, I don’t just give you the most relevant, most up-to-date information for starting and growing your own Internet business and avoiding the common pitfalls and mistakes others have made – I also show you how to accomplish each and every step!


You will learn:


  • How to make your products and services available to over 58 million Internet consumers and businesses that regularly purchase online today, and get your share of over $95,700,000,000 (that’s $95.7 billion dollars and climbing) spent online each year


  • Basic HTML and search engine optimization skills you need to create a website that draws visitors like a picnic attracts ants!


  • How to create information products that will sell like hotcakes!


  • How to get your Internet business to reach a local, national, or even global market with the same amount of effort


  • How to avoid expensive mistakes, scams, and amateur trial-and-error that can devastate your Internet business


  • How to enable your Internet business to accept credit card payments over the Internet with no monthly fees (you don’t even need a merchant account or a registered business), and the funds can be deposited to your bank account automatically!


  • How to get your website featured on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, and more – driving a steady stream of potential customers to your Internet business!


  • How to accomplish “all the small things” that must be done in order to ensure that your business runs as smoothly and as profitably as possible!


  • And much, much more! 




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Could an Internet Expert Who Currently Has a

Number of Websites That Regularly Produce Five Figures a Month In Income Teach You Something About Running a Successful Online Business?



You bet I can!


And right now, I am searching for business-minded men and women with ordinary backgrounds who have yet to tap the potential of their abilities and achieve the exceptional results they've only dreamed were possible.


This is your chance to learn from someone who has actually been in your shoes and succeeded. I will guide you through every step of the process – from How to Choose a Public Domain Name to How to Set Up an Account with ClickBank to How to Write Ad Copy That Sells to How to Create Your First eBook to How to Promote Affiliate Programs and much, much more!


I wish that someone would have done this for me when I started my first Internet business – things would have been so much easier!




So What Are You Waiting For?


Order Now & Receive My Video Tutorial Program

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How much would you expect to pay for advice and information that quite literally could change your life and allow you to achieve your financial dreams?


Certainly, even several thousand dollars would probably not be unreasonable … but relax you won’t have to pay near that much my Internet Business Training Videos.


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Here’s What You Get When You Order:


You will receive via instant download 47 video clips – that’s over 420 minutes of high-quality video instruction – that demonstrate exactly how to accomplish the steps necessary for running a successful Internet business.


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I am so sure that you will love my Video Tutorial Program for Newbies that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.


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Here For Your Success,


Cody Moya

Internet Business Training Videos



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